Egor Krid bypassed the Makhachkala side

Egor Krid bypassed the Makhachkala side

Who and why has threatened the singer in Dagestan.


Egor Krid has cancelled a concert in Makhachkala after death threats. The performance artist was held in the capital of Dagestan the day before. But at the last moment the label Black Star decided to cancel the trip. The reason for the comments in social networks — some of the locals insulted the singer and threatened him with death if he dare to come to the Caucasus. What is not so attracted to some people of the Republic popular singer? Figured Alexander Rassokhin.

In several communities in “Contact”, dedicated to Makhachkala, dozens of messages accusing the singer of inappropriate behavior, “Fucking ghoul. Don’t come to Makhachkala”; “Cancel the concert or you Khan, in the Republic serious against you.”

Egor Krid — popular singer, his polished image — the result of the work of the label Timati Black Star, forge of the stars of the mainstream. Unleashed style, the rudeness, the audacity, the subject of sex — apparently, this became the reason of discontent of the people of Dagestan. Egor Creed even was threatened with rape and murder.

So at the last moment Black Star decided to cancel the concert, said the commercial Director of “Departmart” Elmira Garunova, which was engaged in the organization of the speech. She said all the tickets — 1000 pieces was sold out more than two weeks:

We would have two concerts, probably could have done. There were many willing to go to his concert. His work is very like ours. He still held, but probably just his nerves or something, I don’t know. Before the concert we have already reported the day. But they refused, they said they will come that they are just for their fans worried and really want to come.

Elmira Garunova promises that all purchased tickets will be able to get the money back this week and he adds: this is the situation in Dagestan. However, along with the concert Yegor creed Black Star announced the cancellation of performances by a different artist — September 8 in Kaspiysk was waiting for MC Doni.

Activists of the movement “Stop Haram” ensure that the faithful of the capital do not drink alcohol and did not smoke on the streets. However, says the organizer of the project Islam Ismailov, concert creed he did not cause the anger: “no one Forced anything look do not make. Egor Krid, neither anybody to go home to was not going to impose their songs or style of performance. When I was younger, I also have some things taken out, but when I became older, I realized that if I don’t like something, I can from this limit. If it doesn’t bother me, I don’t care what he does.”