“Freezing” the pension can be extended for another year

“Freezing” the pension can be extended for another year

The Ministry of labour and social protection is considering the extension of the “freezing” of pension savings for another year until 2021 inclusive.


Until that time it is planned that the government will decide on the model of individual pension capital (PKI).

“The idea of the Ministry of Finance about the IPK is this: they don’t lay somewhere on the far shelf, but just in this budget cycle will be difficult to do, most likely, will not work. It is necessary to make the budget package, we didn’t see him. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance will bring, is likely to freeze again for another year, until 2021,” he told reporters in Vladivostok, labor Minister Maxim Topilin (quoted by “Interfax”).

He recalled that “freezing” the pension is valid till 2020. However, according to him, the budget of the Pension Fund money for these purposes is not provided. Therefore, “most likely, the Finance Ministry will introduce a bill to nullify the tariff, and in 2021”, said Mr. Topilin.