Sociologists spoke about the nostalgia of Ukrainians in the USSR

Sociologists spoke about the nostalgia of Ukrainians in the USSR

MOSCOW, 11 Sep — RIA Novosti. Nostalgia for the Soviet Union is typical for a large part of the citizens of Ukraine, especially in the East and South of the country, about it writes “Ukrainian truth” with reference to the results of a poll conducted by “Kalmiuska group” in partnership with GfK Ukraine.


According to the poll, about 43% of Ukrainians in General and 51% of the residents of Donbass are of the opinion that their life in Soviet times were better.

Only in the West among those who believe that the lives of their families in today’s Ukraine is better than in the Soviet period exceeds the number of those who held the opposite opinion (54% vs 31%).

In addition, according to the study, about one third of the population of Ukraine and almost half of the population of Donbass do not support the policy of de-communization conducted in Kiev.

Finally, every fourth Ukrainian in the whole country, and every third inhabitant of Donbass would support the revival of the Soviet Union, which included Ukraine.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian sociological group “Rating” Alexey antipovich said that, according to polls, in Ukraine, every sixth inhabitant sympathetic to President of Russia Vladimir Putin and in favour of restoring ties with Moscow.