Lavrov: the law on the reintegration of Donbass crosses the Minsk agreements

© Alexander Shcherbak/TASS NEW YORK, January 19. /TASS/. The law on the reintegration of Donbass crosses the Minsk agreement, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference at the UN. The “law on reintegration, if approached from a legal standpoint, negates the Minsk agreement, which was unanimously approved by the UN Security Council in a resolution adopted a few days after the meeting of four leaders of the “Norman format” in Minsk”, – he said.

Prince William bared his bald head

Prince William bared his bald head Prince William changed her hair, entrusting shaving the heads the Barber his wife Duchess of Cambridge Kate. Reported by the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, dramatically cutting the hair, the Prince paid £ 180 (more than 14 thousand rubles). However, barbers working with the Royal family, refute the data on such a high amount. The paper argues that younger brother Harry constantly joked about his baldness. To cut hair hairdresser advised. For the first time in a new image of the Prince appeared in the London children’s hospital Evelina. The building held a meeting with program participants to find work in the National health service for former military. Prince William for 35 years. In September 2017 it became known that he and Kate will become parents for the third time. The couple have two children: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born in may

Artificial intelligence that predicts human death

Artificial intelligence that predicts human death The algorithm is called Wave Clinical Platform, it is developed by ExcelMedical. The platform detects the slightest change in the vitals and sends doctors booked for six hours to potentially sudden death of the patient. The algorithm watches for the sick constantly, and it is almost impossible to implement using only the human workers. As we all know, medical workers are missing around the world, and to each patient, even heavy, it is impossible to put the person who would monitor him constantly and relentlessly. Wave created precisely to solve this problem. It real-time displays of physiological and medical information, which can see the health worker as on a workstation, and literally from your smartphone. Any change in indicators Wave automatically calculates risk and gives you advance warning, if it considers that the patient is in danger and soon will be. The algorithm is

The hire of a film about Paddington will start from January 20

The hire of a film about Paddington will start from January 20 MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The film “the adventures of Paddington-2”, the rent of which was to begin February 1, will be released on screens of the Russian cinemas from January 20, told reporters the owner of the company “Volga” Sergey Ershov. “The situation was resolved. I am grateful to the regulator, who met us, allowed to go out on tomorrow’s number,” — said Yershov. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said in a conversation with journalists that the initial release is not tolerated, the distributor was immediately invited on 1 February. But a number of theaters began selling tickets illegally. The sale was stopped by Ministry, added Medina. Film8.4 The Adventures Of Paddington 2 Previously, the distributors of the British film “the adventures of Paddington-2” company “Volga” and Ministry of culture, a dispute arose: the distributors

The cause of the fire on a bus in Kazakhstan became a blowtorch

The cause of the fire on a bus in Kazakhstan became a blowtorch According to the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, the drivers used it to heat the passenger compartment. ASTANA, January 19. /TASS/. The cause of the fire of the bus in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan became careless handling of fire, the place of the accident discovered a blowtorch. On Friday, the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Yerlan Turgumbayev said, quoted by the press service of the head of administration of Aktobe region. According to the basic version, the cause of the fire is careless handling of fire. On the scene found a blowtorch, which is used with combustible mixture, especially gasoline. At the same time, in the course of investigations and interrogation, it was found that was [on the bus] capacity plastic with five litres of petrol.Yerlan Turganbaevna of the Minister of internal

Suleiman Kerimov allowed the trip to Russia

Suleiman Kerimov allowed the trip to Russia PARIS, January 19. /TASS/. Russian businessman and Senator Suleiman Kerimov under investigation in France received the right to make a brief trip to Russia. This was announced on Friday by AFP, the Prosecutor of the city of nice, Jean-Michel Prêtre. “Mr Kerimov received permission from the investigating judge to make a brief trip to Russia to visit a close relative — brother or cousin. Permission to go to Russia to return to France issued for a period from this Friday to Sunday inclusive,” — said the Prosecutor. A member of the Federation Council Suleiman Kerimov, was detained by members of the French police at nice airport on the night of November 21. Immediately after receiving information about the incident arrived at the scene the staff of the Consulate General of Russia in city Villefranche-sur-Mer. The next day he was formally charged under article

“Running” Syria: what the robots will receive military engineers of Russia

© Russian defense Ministry/TASS In 2017, for service and supply of the engineering troops of Russia was adopted on 18 modern tools. Among them complete sets of diving equipment, military cranes, power plants, mobile saw-mill, kits equipment of checkpoints, engineer observation posts. Since 2013 there is a formation of the army’s engineer regiments are planned to be completed by 2021. As stated by the newspaper “Izvestia” head of the engineering troops of the armed forces Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitsky, the main directions are construction troops and equipping them with the latest, including robotic engineering samples of weapons. 19 already formed formations, units and organizations of similar profile. It is expected this year to take on the supply of the robot-sapper “Uranium-6” and managed systems “scarab” and “Sphere”, which passed approbation in the course of the operation in Syria.

The Turks were transferred to Syria for dealing with s-400

The Turks were transferred to Syria for dealing with s-400 Turkish electronic warfare (EW) Koral noticed in the border areas near the town of Afrin in the North Syrian province of Aleppo. The photograph system, Friday, January 19, publishes Telegram channel 338. The complex is likely to be involved in the attack on Turkish military positions of armed groups of the Syrian Kurds of the YPG, affiliated with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party. Koral test, developed by the Turkish company Aselsan has started in 2009, was held since 2013. The first sample was transferred to the Turkish air force in February 2016. It was noted that the complex will create noise and impulse noise in a wide frequency range. In particular, according to the developers, Koral is able to neutralize the action of the ground anti-aircraft missile systems, medium and long range, including the Russian s-400 “Triumph” at

Zhirinovsky accused Grudinina in a political fraud

Zhirinovsky accused Grudinina in a political fraud The LDPR leader also said that the presidential candidate from the Communist party is “more of a oligarchy than a Communist.” MOSCOW, January 19. /TASS/. The presidential candidate of the Russian Federation, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky accused his opponent in the election campaign of the candidate in presidents from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina, political fraud, noting that he is more oligarchy than a Communist. This is a political fraud. Do not lie that you are Communists, socialists, their candidate — capitalist and oligarch. Reset its name, discard Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Brezhnev, and say that you will live like Cherkizovsky market.Vladimir Zhirinovsky Thus the leader of LDPR sure Grudinin not survive the election of the revelations, and “quit”. “Billionaire — stay a billionaire. It is not necessary to deceive voters and to go on elections of the President, is a bad