Artificial intelligence that predicts human death

Artificial intelligence that predicts human death

The algorithm is called Wave Clinical Platform, it is developed by ExcelMedical.

The platform detects the slightest change in the vitals and sends doctors booked for six hours to potentially sudden death of the patient. The algorithm watches for the sick constantly, and it is almost impossible to implement using only the human workers. As we all know, medical workers are missing around the world, and to each patient, even heavy, it is impossible to put the person who would monitor him constantly and relentlessly.

Wave created precisely to solve this problem. It real-time displays of physiological and medical information, which can see the health worker as on a workstation, and literally from your smartphone. Any change in indicators Wave automatically calculates risk and gives you advance warning, if it considers that the patient is in danger and soon will be.

The algorithm is not just watching a biometric indicators, but analyses them systematically. For example, a small reduction in respiration rate in other systems immediately trigger an alarm. But if this reduction correlates with the increase in pressure, a new algorithm by calculating the probability, let me know about a potentially lethal situation.

In clinical trials conducted at the medical center of the University of Pittsburgh, Wave used in older patients, and where the system was connected, it prevented six sudden deaths.