Kiriyenko made a revision of the municipal filter in the future

Photo: RIA Novosti First Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko admitted that in respect of the municipal filter can be audited in the future, the correspondent of “Газеты.Ru”. According to him, it will not necessarily go on its abolition, but rather for review. Kiriyenko believes that the idea of the filter in terms of development processes at the municipal level is not bad, but it should not become ineligible candidates. Earlier, the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman said that he would not participate in elections of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region. He explained that, in his words, “municipal filter impassable.” Roizman also stressed that the presence of the municipal filter is “disrespectful to the citizens.”

Most of Russians know who is the speaker of the state Duma

Photo: RIA Novosti Most of Russians know that the post of Chairman of the state Duma of the 7th convocation is Vyacheslav Volodin. These are the results of the study of public opinion on legislative activities of the lower house of the current convocation, held expert-analytical center of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration (Ranepa) and presented on Friday, TASS reported. The survey was conducted from 10 to 17 July in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation among 1.2 million people. As told journalists the head of expert-analytical center of Russian Academy of Nikolay Kalmykov, in the section “Recognition of the Chairman of the state Duma” the first place is Vyacheslav Volodin. “Volodin tremendous recognition. 83% of respondents know that he holds the position of Chairman of the state Duma,” – said Kalmykov. According to him, 7% of respondents still believe that the speaker of the

The head meteorologist called for rain through Friday

Heavy rains on Friday, July 21, you need to endure, said the National news service (NSN), head of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. “You may have to rain, but not under the constant and tedious”, he said. The temperature will range from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. Wind “terrible forces”, according to Vilfand, not expected. Currently, the wind gusts do not exceed speed of 15 meters per second. However, the meteorologist declared a “yellow” level of risk. Saturday, July 22, weather in the capital region will start to improve. “Rain if you will, is short, and the temperature will increase significantly,” — said Vilfand. Next week the temperature will rise to 25 degrees Celsius and exceed this mark. In the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of emergency situations, according to NSN, extended emergency storm warning until Friday night July 21. In rescue Ministry called on citizens to clean

In the state Duma explained the attack Director of CIA against Russia

Mike Pompeo The Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) Mike Pompeo cynical statement about Russia’s role in Syria tried to justify the past policy of the U.S. administration against Damascus, according to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky. The corresponding policy statement received “” on Friday, July 21. “In Washington trying to justify the original purpose of ex-US President Barack Obama to shift the regime of President Assad at any cost, even with the support of terrorist groups, which they called “the moderate opposition”,” — said the MP. Slutsky also said that American policies could become a “victim of anti-Russian propaganda”, which is conducted in the United States. “Russia has very effectively opposed to terrorism in Syria at the request of the legitimate government of the SAR. Not to recognize this, call our contribution “minimal” — it’s like that sign in their own blindness,”

Putin has told about a life without social networks

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he has no account in social networks. He told about it on Friday, July 21, during a visit to Sochi educational center “Sirius”. The stream of “adult conversation” is NTV on Friday, July 21. The head of state added that at the end of a hard day he was more worried about not the Internet, and how “quickly to the bed to get to.” “Employees of my office, the administration, of course, very actively use the Internet in all its guises, but physically I personally do not use it”, — he said. The Russian leader said that in the network there are about five thousand of the accounts maintained on his behalf, but he attitude to these pages has not. “I hope that nothing bad they were not written, but in any case it is not I,” he said. Speaking of nicknames,

In the US, after the concert, Chance the Rapper hospitalized more than 90 people

In the US, after the concert, Chance the Rapper hospitalized more than 90 people The visitors, including 50 minors, were poisoned by alcohol. TASS, July 23. More than 90 people were hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning in Connecticut after the concert, the hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper (chance the Rapper, real name, Chancelor Bennett). This was reported on Saturday, a representative of the local police. The concert was held in the night of Saturday in the state capital, Hartford, with a population of 125 thousand people. “Bad night for the police of the Hartford concert Chance the Rapper. 50 revealed a minor alcohol poisoning, [all] over 90 hospitalized,” — said in a Twitter Deputy chief of police Bryan Fuli. He noted that the use of alcohol at the event “passed all bounds”, and as a result many were taken to hospital with “severe poisoning”. According to the Associated Press, most

The White house has called Hillary Clinton “compromising herself”

The White house has called Hillary Clinton “compromising herself” Trump was not required to seek additional information about the ex-Secretary of state, assured in Washington. Moscow. July 23. INTERFAX.RU — Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, Kellyann Conway said that the campaign of Donald trump didn’t need the dirt on Hillary Clinton because she was “the treasure of the negative information”. “I was the Manager of the winning presidential campaign. I didn’t need to look anywhere but on the very Clinton when I needed compromising, negative information about it,” said Conway in the TV channel Fox News. “There was everything. She was like a walking, talking treasure trove of negative information,” she added. In the us media earlier this month has appeared that in June last year Donald trump Jr. on the eve of elections of the President of the USA met with the Russian lawyer Natalia

Trump accused the newspaper The New York Times the failure of the operation against the leader of the IG

Trump accused the newspaper The New York Times the failure of the operation against the leader of the IG The US President Donald trump said that “blundered newspaper the New York Times broke a US attempt” to kill the leader of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) al-Baghdadi. This was written by the us leader in his Twitter. What the publication refers to trump, did not elaborate. As the journalist wrote in his Twitter Politico, The New York Times asked the White house to clarify what the student mentions the President in his post. On Friday, July 21, the newspaper published the statement of the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis, in which he said that al-Baghdadi, in his opinion, is still alive. He also said that the international coalition is still looking for the leader of the IG. “I think that Baghdadi is alive. I believe that

Media: Siemens scandal may spoil relations with Moscow, consider in Germany

Media: Siemens scandal may spoil relations with Moscow, consider in Germany MOSCOW, 23 Jul — RIA Novosti. The German foreign Ministry believes that the relations of Germany and Russia may suffer because of the scandal around the supply of turbines from Siemens for the power plant under construction in the Crimea, writes the newspaper Bild am Sonntag. German concern Siemens said Friday that all four of its turbines are designed for a project in Taman, was illegally delivered to the Crimea, proposing to cancel the contract and redeem them. In this regard, Siemens intends to break license agreements with Russian companies to supply equipment for power plants and to suspend deliveries under existing contracts with Russian companies controlled by the state. “The Federal government reminded the Russian authorities about the obligations and pointed out that such a massive violation of the sanctions once again burden the German-Russian relations”, — said