Lavrov denied that Russia is interested in the collapse of the European Union

Sergei Lavrov Russia is interested in a strong and United EU. This was stated on Friday, June 30, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the “Primako readings” in Moscow, the correspondent “reports”. Foreign Minister drew attention to the fact that in the EU the leaders of some countries say that the European Union is “imperfect and is about to disintegrate.” “We look at it all without any malice. We this pleasure is not exactly derived, but understand that you can’t influence what is happening in the EU. These processes, this fermentation must somehow calm down”, — concluded the foreign Minister. According to Lavrov, Russia expects that the EU will build its policy “on the basis of a balance of interests, not the opinions of Russophobic minority.” The crisis in relations between Moscow and Brussels occurred in the spring of 2014. Member States of the European Union have imposed

Briton sentenced to six months in prison for hitting a Muslim bacon in the face

Alex Chivers Court in London sentenced to six months in prison the British, struck a Muslim woman in the face with a piece of bacon. On Friday, June 30, reports The Independent. He must also pay the injured 115 pounds. According to police, on 8 June 36-year-old Alex Chivers approached a teenage girl and her mother dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, and called it “igilovskoy creature” (terrorist group “Islamic state”, banned in Russia). Then with the words “You deserve this” the man hit the girl in the face. It is noted that she was not injured, but was shocked. Chivers was detained six days after the incident. As the newspaper notes, the last time in London on 20 per cent increase in the number of crimes committed on the grounds of religious and racial hatred. Last year the number was 14 thousand, in 2017-m — 16,6 thousand crimes. In November

TANK set a new record for the number of colliding particles

TANK set a new record for the number of colliding particles MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Large hadron Collider set a new record for the number of colliding particles, their density and luminosity, pushing between them over 2.5 thousand beams of protons, the press service of CERN. The large hadron Collider for the second year running in new mode, colliding beams of protons at energy of 13 TeV, where scientists hope to find the first traces of “new physics” beyond the Standard model. In early may of this year the TANK came out of another home and resumed his work, which in August last year was a big disappointment. Traces of hypothetical superheavy particles with a mass of 750 GeV, the scientists found in the results of observation of 2015 was a coincidence that forced the physicists to actually re-start the search for “new physics”. Just five weeks after

Heavy rain and hail hit Moscow and the Moscow region

Heavy rain and hail hit Moscow and the Moscow region Earlier, the Ministry of emergency situations in Moscow reported that on June 30 in the second half of the day in the capital is expected sharp deterioration of weather conditions. A storm warning was declared in the region from 13:00. The second wave of bad weather turned out to be stronger than the first. According to eyewitnesses in social networks, in some areas of the city rose a strong wind and hail has passed. The rain started five minutes ago — Inner emigration (@oh_nicky_nicole) on 30 June 2017. Apocalypse! #hail #rain #snehlata Publication of Vera Bogdanova ( Jun 30 2017 4:11 PDT Weather whispers))) #hail #storm #Mytischi #Krasnyi #summer #2017 #positive Publication from ?FLOWERS?CREATIVE?POSITIVE (@veaart) Jun 30 2017 5:29 PDT #hail the size of a quail egg, all in ten minutes fell Publication of Mikhail Afanasev (@afanasievm) Jun 30

Geneticists have found that the population of the Caucasus has not changed for 8 thousand years

Geneticists have found that the population of the Caucasus has not changed for 8 thousand years MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. The inhabitants of modern South Caucasus mastered territory of these mountains more than eight thousand years ago and survived until today without major genetic rearrangements, despite the turbulent history of the region, according to a paper published in the journal Current Biology. “We analyzed a large number of modern and ancient mitochondrial genomes of Caucasians, and revealed a continuous genetic line that connects the inhabitants of the Caucasus for at least the last eight thousand years. In other words, the gene pool of the female population of the Caucasus has not changed during this time. This shows that a large number of cultural and political changes in the region did not affect its population, at least for women,” says Ashot Margaryan from the natural history Museum of Denmark

Arrested accused of violence against police action on 12 June in Moscow

Basmanny court of Moscow arrested for two months — until August 27 — a man accused of using violence against representatives of the authorities during the past 12 June in the city centre, the unauthorized action. About it reports on Friday, June 30, TASS. As reported a press-the court Secretary Juno Tsarev, the petition was granted against the native of Dagestan Rasim Iskakova. He was charged with three crimes under article “violence against a representative of authority”. According to investigators, Iskakov during the campaign used violence, not dangerous for life and health, in respect of a special forces officer and two police officers. The guilt a man does not recognize. Earlier Dagestan was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility, including for participation in unauthorized mass events. While he has no permanent residence in the Moscow region is not working. According to the source Agency city news “Moscow”, Iskakov left during the

Klintsevich said the reason for the energy dependence of Ukraine

Franz Klintsevich The coup in Ukraine was the reason for the fact that Kiev is now forced to buy coal overseas, said the first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. His words leads to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” on Friday, June 30. “This fact alone Ukrainian reality concentrates the results of the whole path, that was the country for three years after the coup,” said the Senator. On June 29 us President Donald trump during a speech at the US Department of energy said that Kiev is interested in the purchase of “millions and millions of tons of coal right now,” and expressed willingness to sell fuel to the Republic and other interested countries. Earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced plans for purchase in Pennsylvania two million tons of coal. Fuel supplies from the breakaway DPR and LPR to Ukraine were completely halted in

The media reported the first affected due to bad weather in Moscow

On the Mironovskaya street in Moscow which has fallen because of hurricane tree crushed a man. As the reports REN-TV, citing witnesses, according to preliminary data, he suffered injuries. The victim and provide medical assistance. Meanwhile, Internet users post videos of swaying from the wind by the trees and dropped hail. Dozens of flights delayed in Metropolitan airport. On Friday in Moscow region came in the afternoon. Capital Glaucus MOE has distributed emergency warning. Rescuers are advised not to go outside, to stay away from Windows, not to hide under trees and around billboards. It was noted that, under forecasts of weather forecasters, from 12:30 30 Jun until 03:00 on July 1 in Moscow and the Moscow region are expected heavy rain, storm, hail, squally winds with gusts of 19-24 meters per second. Utilities and emergency services translated into enhanced mode, reports “Interfax”. “It is expected that the rainfall, which

In Japan, began the process against the former management of the company-operator NPP “Fukushima-1”

In Japan, began the process against the former management of the company-operator NPP “Fukushima-1” TOKYO, June 30. /TASS/. Hearings in the case of negligence against the former management of the company-operator “Fukushima-1” Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) began on Friday in Tokyo. The former Chairman of the company Tsunehisa Katsumata, as well as the two Vice-presidents Ichiro Takekuro and Sakae muto are charged that TEPCO had not taken preventive measures to protect the station from potential tsunami impact. The main question the answer to which remains to be seen is whether the top management of the facility know that the coast in this area could collapse in a tsunami of approximately 15 meters. During the investigation managed to establish that in 2008 a subsidiary company, TEPCO prepared an assessment that in the area of NPP possible tsunami up to 15.7 meters. A few years earlier the prosecutors decided not to press

Maduro asks the people of Venezuela to help catch the pilot of Oscar Perez

Maduro asks the people of Venezuela to help catch the pilot of Oscar Perez MEXICO city, June 30 — RIA Novosti. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday appealed to residents to help catch the pilot of the helicopter that attacked the Supreme court (SC) and the interior Ministry building. A group of security personnel of Venezuela, led by officer Oscar Perez on Tuesday hijacked a police helicopter, threw grenades and fired on the building of the interior Ministry and the armed forces, announced the beginning of fight against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. The attackers fled. Authorities called the incident a terrorist attack and began the search involved in the events of people. “He’s a criminal, a murderer, and I’m asking for help from all the people of Venezuela. If it is still on our territory, then let the people of Venezuela, knowing it will catch the terrorist and