The media reported the first affected due to bad weather in Moscow

On the Mironovskaya street in Moscow which has fallen because of hurricane tree crushed a man. As the reports REN-TV, citing witnesses, according to preliminary data, he suffered injuries.

The victim and provide medical assistance.

Meanwhile, Internet users post videos of swaying from the wind by the trees and dropped hail.

Dozens of flights delayed in Metropolitan airport.

On Friday in Moscow region came in the afternoon. Capital Glaucus MOE has distributed emergency warning. Rescuers are advised not to go outside, to stay away from Windows, not to hide under trees and around billboards.

It was noted that, under forecasts of weather forecasters, from 12:30 30 Jun until 03:00 on July 1 in Moscow and the Moscow region are expected heavy rain, storm, hail, squally winds with gusts of 19-24 meters per second.

Utilities and emergency services translated into enhanced mode, reports “Interfax”.

“It is expected that the rainfall, which will be held tonight, will be the strongest in the last ten years,” reports REN TV.