Briton sentenced to six months in prison for hitting a Muslim bacon in the face

Alex Chivers

Court in London sentenced to six months in prison the British, struck a Muslim woman in the face with a piece of bacon. On Friday, June 30, reports The Independent. He must also pay the injured 115 pounds.

According to police, on 8 June 36-year-old Alex Chivers approached a teenage girl and her mother dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, and called it “igilovskoy creature” (terrorist group “Islamic state”, banned in Russia).

Then with the words “You deserve this” the man hit the girl in the face. It is noted that she was not injured, but was shocked.

Chivers was detained six days after the incident.

As the newspaper notes, the last time in London on 20 per cent increase in the number of crimes committed on the grounds of religious and racial hatred. Last year the number was 14 thousand, in 2017-m — 16,6 thousand crimes.

In November 2016, the former head of the National Front, the French city of Saint-Gilles was condemned for attempting to incite a homely hog woman policeman of Arab origin. The man was sentenced to four months suspended prison sentence, 105 hours of community service and fined 600 euros in favor of the victim.