Maduro asks the people of Venezuela to help catch the pilot of Oscar Perez

Maduro asks the people of Venezuela to help catch the pilot of Oscar Perez

MEXICO city, June 30 — RIA Novosti. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday appealed to residents to help catch the pilot of the helicopter that attacked the Supreme court (SC) and the interior Ministry building.

A group of security personnel of Venezuela, led by officer Oscar Perez on Tuesday hijacked a police helicopter, threw grenades and fired on the building of the interior Ministry and the armed forces, announced the beginning of fight against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. The attackers fled. Authorities called the incident a terrorist attack and began the search involved in the events of people.

“He’s a criminal, a murderer, and I’m asking for help from all the people of Venezuela. If it is still on our territory, then let the people of Venezuela, knowing it will catch the terrorist and the criminal, wherever he was,” said Maduro on state television.

He addressed the Pro-government social and political organizations with a request to assist the security organs in this case.

The attack helicopter under the control of the Peres government buildings no one was hurt. The helicopter was later discovered in the state of Vargas, but his crew managed to escape.

According to renowned Mexican scientist, Professor of the Ibero-American University Ruben Aguilar, the event data may reflect the sentiments of the Venezuelan army who are tired of corruption and violation of constitutional norms.

He had previously told RIA Novosti that, in his opinion, “this is only the beginning of such speeches, it does not apply to the corrupt elite of the armed forces, but it belongs to the middle chain of command, not involved in corruption,” noting that he hoped “that this will not end the rebellion, and pressure on the government to respect the Constitution.”