Henry Reznik retired from MSLA after the arrival of the memorial plaque in honor of Stalin

Henry Reznik

Lawyer Henry Reznik has refused the post of Professor of the Moscow state law Academy (MSLA), where there is a memorial plaque to Joseph Stalin. About it, Resnick said in his blog on “echo of Moscow”.

Resnick has justified his departure by the fact that Stalin was “the gravedigger of the law.” “Stalin is a mass non-judicial authorities and repression: a special meeting of threes and twos, legalized torture, the elimination of an independent court, the presumption of innocence and the adversarial principle, the deportation of entire peoples,” wrote the lawyer.

Previously, the Academy was already present this plate, it was installed in 1949, but in the Khrushchev years, it was dismantled. It is noted that Stalin acted in one of the halls of the institution in 1924.

In MSLA, in turn, the appearance of plaques explained the applicable normative act of the RSFSR Council of Ministers. “The plaque (…) have been installed in accordance with the resolution of Council of Ministers of the RSFSR of August 30, 1960, No. 1327 “On further improvement of protection of cultural monuments in the RSFSR”. This act is currently in effect and prescribes the designation of the hall as a monument of culture of local importance to be protected,” — said the press center of the University radio station “Moscow Says”.

Previously, sociologists of “Levada-center” published the results of a survey which invited the Russians to choose the most influential, in their opinion, the historical figure of all time. First place in the list went to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, the greatest he was named by 38 percent of respondents.