Putin reminded Brechalov on the right of Russians to protest

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the words of the acting head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov on protest moods in the region. It is reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday, June 27.

Brechalov at a meeting with Putin said that the region was attempting to conduct opposition activities, but interest among the residents they did not cause.

“Everyone has the right to take the initiative,” said representatives of the Russian leader.

Earlier Tuesday it was reported that the head of state during the visit to Izhevsk gave a ticket to travel to Sochi, local resident Anastasia Votintseva complained to him in emergency housing in a straight line.

Jun 20 Vladimir Putin said that political protests aimed at solving specific social problems, not to be feared. At the same time, he criticized a public event, whose main goal is self-promotion.

15 Jun in an interview with reporters after a straight line Putin commented on the protests taking place in the country in recent months. According to the President, such events “are always possible in the framework of democratic procedures”, and any form of protest must comply with the law.

43-year-old Alexander Brechalov appointed acting head of the Udmurt Republic in early April.