The 6 most dangerous tourist destinations

The 6 most dangerous tourist destinations

Travel opens new horizons and help you to relax. But people think that a simple trip to a safe country may be the last? “Газета.Ru” made the selection of the most dangerous tourist destinations.

For many travelers, the main criterion for a good vacation becomes adventure.

Someone in order to get the thrill, enough to sleep in the house of a local resident, to overcome the distance between the cities by hitchhiking to eat for dinner, the beast managed to kill on the hunt yourself, or to survive on $100 a week.

But there are those for whom the phrase “the trip was a success” sounds just like “still alive”. Travel to hot spots will leave most desperate. But adrenaline junkies are ready to go, just to experience new sensations, even where do not shoot.

Skydiving, mountain climbing, tramping the jungle, but even to go into the world alone, though not very safe but really exciting. However, to try their luck in places with a record number of fatalities is clearly not worth it.

New Smyrna beach, Florida, USA

New Smyrna beach has long become a world capital of sharks. To such conclusion the international organization ISAF (The International Shark Attack Files), which for several decades maintains statistics of their attacks on people.

During the existence of the beach there had been more than 250 attacks by predators on tourists.

The beach was the largest in the world in the number of attacks per square kilometer. The fact that the waters of the Atlantic ocean in this place abound with young bull sharks, which are confusing people with water inhabitants.

However, tourists still come to relax in this area of Florida, consoling themselves with the fact that most attacks did not lead to a lethal outcome.

Half dome, Yosemite national Park

Granite rock Half dome is one of the symbols of Yosemite national Park. Attraction that is in great demand among tourists, located in the Central part of the Sierra Nevada.

The granite dome of the rock stands at a height of 1450 m above Yosemite valley, and the path to the top of the dome starts with a 13.7 km that must be overcome on foot. Then travellers will find a trip to long cable car track (3.2 km), is laid directly on the granite rock. To reach the top, climbers have to rely on metal cables. And here comes the threat.

Often extreme slip cable and fly down massive slippery rocks.

While climbing on Half dome, and the approach to it, has killed more than 60 people.

Famous cases of death in this place because of the impact of lightning, heart attacks and a failed jumping off a cliff.

The cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

On the Atlantic ocean, in County Clare, located cliffs with a height of 120 m. It is so beautiful place that come there every year about one million tourists. Be warned in advance before heading out to explore nature Ireland, think several times, it may be fatal.

Because of the steep, uneven ground, lack of protective rails, strong winds and heavy rains, causing the nebula, on the cliffs of Moher there are few deaths.

You should avoid this place and people with unstable mentality, or are depressed, suicides happen here too often.

Kilauea and other active volcanoes, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the favorite places of travelers. Here you can return each year to rediscover the beaches, surfing, partying and, of course, volcanoes. The island is known by three active volcanoes. However, dinner at the foot of the volcano could end badly.

The most beautiful and simultaneously the most dangerous is the volcano Kilauea on the Big island.

Its last major eruption was in 1983, but not so long ago, in 2014, the lava flow was approaching close to Pahoa. Then jeopardized the lives of nearly a thousand people. The hot stream is swallowed up roads leading to the settlement, and burned the supports of power transmission lines.

The eruption lasted a week. This time it was destroyed 50 houses, and the landscape of the resort area has changed beyond recognition.

The Colorado River, North America

The Colorado river 2334 miles through Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and wades through the Grand Canyon. It is not surprising that locals and vacationers often choose Colorado as a place for swimming, snorkeling or rafting.

But how tragic can end with swimming, many do not even know.

Due to heavy rains and melting snow Colorado is becoming a deadly place. During the first seven months of 2014, due to natural conditions there was registered a record number of deaths — 15. Last year drowned, another 4 people.

Mont Blanc, Chamonix

Part of the great mountain range of the Alps, Mont Blanc (“White mountain”) is the highest mountain in the area (4810 m). However, in addition to natural beauty, the place became famous and a record number of deaths, their were about 100.

By the way, over the last 60 years during the ascent of the highest mountain in the world Everest recorded a total of 200 fatalities.

So, choosing a place for a ski resort, think several times: weather, avalanches and lack of experience can be fatal for the lovers of mountain beauty.