Iran commented on the US sanctions against Moscow and Tehran

Ali Larijani The decision of the Senate of the U.S. Congress on sanctions against Russian and Iranian companies and citizens is contrary to the obligations of Washington and is an interference in the internal Affairs of States. About it as transfers TASS, said in Seoul at a meeting of speakers of parliaments of the countries of Eurasia on Tuesday, June 27, the speaker of Majlis of Iran Ali Larijani. “The US sanctions, imposed unilateral sanctions against independent States, are in violation of international law, the UN Charter,” he stressed. In this regard, Larijani called on “to create a mechanism to ensure that governments in the region to prevent such arbitrary decisions.” In addition, the speaker accused the US of flirting with terrorists and their support. He pointed to the growth made in the world of terrorist offences and referred to the recent terrorist attacks in Tehran. June 15, the U.S.

Shakhnazarov: DiCaprio doesn’t look the part of Putin

Photo: RIA Novosti The General Director of “Mosfilm” Director Karen Shakhnazarov stated that to fulfill the role of Vladimir Putin should the Russian artist, reports of NSN. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeremy Renner could compete for the role of Vladimir Putin in the film. This was stated by American Director Oliver stone, who made a documentary about the Russian President. Thus, according to the Director, in the publication New York Post, he would have ventured to make a feature film about the head of state. “Actually, I think the actor does not have to be similar to the Russian leader. Most importantly, the artist was good. Bezrukov is a good actor, Mironov. We have them really enough. But it must be middle age. In General, I never thought about it, but I can tell you that it’s not supposed to be DiCaprio, he is not suitable for this business,” he said.

Three volcanoes in Kamchatka threw ash plumes

Three volcanoes in Kamchatka threw ash plumes Three Kamchatka volcano threw out long plumes of ash in less than a day. About it reports “Kamchatka-inform”. Reportedly, the ashes of the volcano Shiveluch rose to 7 km above sea level. While a few hours earlier, two other Kamchatka volcano — Karymsky and Kliuchevskoi — also dumped the ash plumes height of 6 km above sea level. According to the MOE, pelopidas in the settlements of Kamchatka are not registered. Earlier it was reported that the ashes of the erupting Shiveluch volcano covered the village in Kamchatka.

The authorities of Transbaikalia have found an apartment complained to Putin woman

The authorities of Transbaikalian edge have provided one-bedroom apartment in Chita single mother Natalia Kalinina from the burned in 2015 Shiviya village, which is in the direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin complained that he had received uninhabitable housing. About it RIA Novosti said the head of the press service of the Governor of the region Elena Nazarova. According to her, Kalinina chosen apartment on the street, people’s square is 45.2 square meters. As said the head of Department Alexey Hosoi, housing provided under the contract of uncompensated use before time of registration of ownership of Zabaykalsky Krai in the apartment. In the next apartment will be provided Kalinina under the contract of social hiring. Kalinin on 15 June during a straight line President said that after the fires, 2015, destroyed the house, the local government gave her the house appeared uninhabitable. She also said that her daughter

Social workers help clean up and drug 46 thousand residents of the Moscow region

About 46 thousand residents of the Moscow region have received social services at home since the beginning of the year. This was reported on the website of the government of the Moscow region on Monday, June 26. According to first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Olga Zubrilova often required to purchase and bring food, medicines, help in cooking, to clean, to measure the pressure or temperature. All those in the region are more than five thousand social workers. “In the suburbs from 1 September 2017, the wages of social workers will be increased by five percent in 2016, the social workers were twice increased allowance for specificity of work,” reads the message. In total, the region consists of 47 institutions providing social services to elderly, disabled and families with children with disabilities.

In Moscow there will be two new train station

On the territory of the Novomoskovsk administrative district of the capital will have two new train station. About it in interview to portal told the head of Department of development of new territories Vladimir Zhidkin. One station will be built on the Kursk direction railway in Starosyrovo between the Chip and the Silicate, the other — in the Kiev area in Sanya, between Kokoshkino and Krekshino. “They will go on a parallel branch of the road in order to increase the number of trains and reduce in between the time of arrival. On these lines will be an additional station,” — said Zhidkin. In addition, stations will be built transport interchange hubs. “The project is designed to optimize the flow of residents who travel to the city center”, — explained the official. According to him, it is difficult to predict what the ridership will be able to accept new

The second landslide came down in China’s Sichuan province

The second landslide came down in China’s Sichuan province BEIJING, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. The second in four days, the landslide came down in the County of Mohseni Sichuan province, where still the search continues for 93 people missing on Saturday, said on Tuesday the radio CNR. It is noted that the landslide came down in the morning at 11.02 (6.00 am GMT), all located in the area of the collapse, people were quickly evacuated. Details on the extent of the landslide has not yet been reported. The landslide came down on the morning of 24 June, burying under a 62 households and more than 100 people. Over the past weekend has been conflicting information about the dead and missing. Xinhua news Agency on Sunday reported that rescuers found the bodies of 15 people. Later, China Central television reported that rescuers recovered the bodies of 10

In the TRANS due to fires introduced a state of emergency

In the TRANS due to fires introduced a state of emergency In Zabaykalsky Krai imposed a state of emergency (emergency) because of the large number of wildfires, as well as dry, windy weather, according to the regional Ministry of natural resources. According to the Agency, at 8:00 local time (2:00 GMT), in the region there are 34 forest fires on the area of 2.8 thousand hectares, and 10 fires are localized on the area of 2.4 thousand hectares In extinguishing involved 804 people and 181 pieces of equipment. Recall that in late may, the environmentalists said the threat of new large-scale wildfires in Siberia. “Greenpeace of Russia” asked the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov re-introduce removed may 11, a state of emergency on the territory of the Federal district. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government together with the regional authorities to consider the involvement of the citizens to

The Israeli air force bombed the Gaza strip

The Israeli air force bombed the Gaza strip Moscow. June 27. INTERFAX.RU — Israeli air force Aircraft in the night of Tuesday attacked targets Hamas in Gaza in response to rocket launches at Israel, media reported with reference to official sources in tel Aviv. An Israeli military source said that the airstrikes were “a response to the shelling of the regional Council in the area of Shaar ha-Negev” of Israel. “Two aircraft of the Israeli air force was aimed at attacks on two military infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization”, — he said. The Palestinian security forces confirmed the attack and said that attacks were made, at least three targets in the cities of Rafah and Gaza. About possible victims and injured in the result of rocket attacks and air strikes are not reported.

Modi invited trump to visit India

Narendra Modi, Donald Trump The Prime Minister of India Narendra modi was invited to the U.S. President Donald trump. About it reports Reuters. The white house, in turn, said that trump has accepted an invitation from the head of the Indian government. Yet at the same time any time not called. Modi, during his visit to Washington, held with the American leader talks. Trump urged him to exert more efforts to reduce trade barriers on the Indian side. According to the President, he would like to trade relations between the two countries would be “fair and reciprocal”. The US President expressed satisfaction at the recent Indian order for 100 new American planes. He added that the United States is hoping to increase its energy exports, including to enter into large long-term contract for the implementation of American natural gas.