Shakhnazarov: DiCaprio doesn’t look the part of Putin


RIA Novosti

The General Director of “Mosfilm” Director Karen Shakhnazarov stated that to fulfill the role of Vladimir Putin should the Russian artist, reports of NSN.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeremy Renner could compete for the role of Vladimir Putin in the film. This was stated by American Director Oliver stone, who made a documentary about the Russian President. Thus, according to the Director, in the publication New York Post, he would have ventured to make a feature film about the head of state.

“Actually, I think the actor does not have to be similar to the Russian leader. Most importantly, the artist was good. Bezrukov is a good actor, Mironov. We have them really enough.

But it must be middle age. In General, I never thought about it, but I can tell you that it’s not supposed to be DiCaprio, he is not suitable for this business,” he said.