The second landslide came down in China’s Sichuan province

The second landslide came down in China’s Sichuan province

BEIJING, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. The second in four days, the landslide came down in the County of Mohseni Sichuan province, where still the search continues for 93 people missing on Saturday, said on Tuesday the radio CNR.

It is noted that the landslide came down in the morning at 11.02 (6.00 am GMT), all located in the area of the collapse, people were quickly evacuated. Details on the extent of the landslide has not yet been reported.

The landslide came down on the morning of 24 June, burying under a 62 households and more than 100 people. Over the past weekend has been conflicting information about the dead and missing. Xinhua news Agency on Sunday reported that rescuers found the bodies of 15 people. Later, China Central television reported that rescuers recovered the bodies of 10 more victims.

However, on Monday, the Chinese media write about the found 10 bodies in total, and 93 missing. In the rescue operation, which did not stop, involved more than 2.5 thousand people.

Information about the possibility of a secondary collapse came the day before, then the rescuers and journalists were hastily removed from the place where he conducted the search, but later several groups of rescuers returned to search works.