Israel has frozen the creation of the Wailing Wall common places for prayer for men and women

The Israeli government has suspended the project of creating spaces for joint prayers of men and women at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It is reported by The New York TImes. “Today’s decision is a powerful blow to the unity of the Jews, Jewish communities and the nature of the relationship between the State of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora”, — said on this occasion, the defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman. As reported RIA Novosti, the author of the idea about the place praying together, the head of the Jewish Agency “Sohnut” Natan Sharansky also expressed their disappointment. The decision on creation of zones of joint prayer was made in January 2016 after years of consultations with leaders of Jewish communities around the world. For were made by the representatives of the liberal Jewish communities in Israel and abroad, against — Orthodox followers of Judaism, controlling the religious life

Saudi Arabia has decided to fight cholera in Yemen

The government of Saudi Arabia has allocated $ 67 million to fight cholera in Yemen. About it reports The Independent. “Saudi Arabia is committed to working closely with our partners in the humanitarian field, in order to combat cholera and to improve the overall sanitary situation in Yemen,” said Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Rabia, Advisor to the Royal court and the coordinator of the center for humanitarian assistance of king Salman. According to him, the decree on the allocation of funds was signed by the recently appointed heir to the throne crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to who, every day in Yemen is fixed at five thousand cases of infection with cholera and control the spread of the epidemic is almost impossible. Just suffered about 200 thousand people, killed more than a thousand. Doctors call this epidemic “the largest in the world.” In the country, meanwhile, civil war continues.

The Prosecutor of Brazil, Temer accused of corruption

Michel Temer The chief Federal Prosecutor of Brazil’s Rodrigo Janot filed charges against the country’s President Michel Temer of bribery, reports Reuters. The prosecution submitted to the Supreme court. According to Brazilian legislation, the lower chamber of Congress must now vote whether to allow the court to begin hearings on the case of the President. This charge is expected to be the first in a series of alleged episodes of corruption against an extremely unpopular leader of the country, the Agency said. The coalition of Temer, meanwhile, are sure to have the proper number of deputies that the President’s opponents failed to gain the two-thirds majority in Parliament required to continue the trial. Previously Temer managed to avoid accusations of illegal financing of the presidential campaign of Dilma Rousseff in 2014. Political crisis in Brazil broke out after the recording appeared, which Temer supposedly discusses “buying the silence” of former

Experts have identified discrimination every fifth women in business

Experts have identified discrimination every fifth women in business Every fifth business woman in Russia from time to time experiencing discrimination at work, the survey of Thomson Reuters. Almost every fifth (21%) woman ever had to experience discrimination at work. They often face discrimination based on gender (31%), authoritarian management style (31%) and discrimination due to age (13%), found company Thomson Reuters (TR), interviewing thousands of women in managerial positions in various departments of Russian and international companies. 79% noted a large scatter of ages and skills in their teams, 75% said about non-discrimination on religious or ethnic lines. But the high proportion of women in management of their companies reported only 40% of survey participants. In the opinion of the overwhelming majority of women surveyed, companies encourage cultural and gender diversity primarily in order to increase profits (82%). The second reason, according to a quarter of respondents, the improvement

Peskov called the main purpose of the upcoming meeting of Putin and trump

Vladimir Putin The format of the meeting of the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump’s unimportant, the important fact of personal acquaintance between the two leaders. This was stated press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov on Monday, June 26, the correspondent of “”. “Protocol [of negotiations], I think, is secondary in this case, since we are talking about the possibility of the first personal contact between the two presidents,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin. He stressed that Putin and trump will be “one city, one time” during the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg. “The Russian side will be ready on the appointment form, which will be convenient for Americans, or Vice versa,” — said Peskov. Earlier on Monday, Associated Press with reference to sources reported that the American President wants to hold a full meeting with Putin during the

In the Scenarios assessed the chances of full-scale talks between Putin and trump

Igor Morozov The President of the United States Donald trump is currently not ready for full-scale talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, says a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov. His assessment he shared in an interview with “” on Monday, June 26. “I do not think that trump, who just took office, now fully fluent in all the issues that have accumulated over the past few years, relations between Russia and the USA”, — said the Senator. The possibility of a full bilateral meetings, amplified by the sanctions policy of Washington, said the MP. “It is impossible for one side to impose new sanctions against Russia, and with another — to talk about the full full meeting of the presidents”, — he explained. In his opinion, in the framework of the “Big twenty” may be held a short meeting where you will be

The Federation Council has extended the spring session for the consideration of important bills

The Federation Council extended the work of the spring session until the end of July to have time to consider the government submitted the bills. This was announced by the speaker of the upper chamber of Parliament Valentina Matvienko at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin. A transcript of the conversation published on the Kremlin website Monday, June 26. The Federation Council, she said, will take “a lot of the important laws.” “We will work as long as necessary,” said the Senator, commenting on the question of the head of state is an extension of the session with a large volume of regulations. Matvienko noted that this session was quite tense. “The senators are working with the zero reading with the relevant committees of the state Duma, we make their corrections, constructive, good job. In addition, we initiative introduced a number of bills, responding to offers of subjects of Federation”,

Persons without Russian citizenship can issue identity cards

Persons without Russian citizenship can issue identity cards The relevant draft law is currently at the stage of preparation. Persons without citizenship residing in Russia, will be able to identity documents. About it reported sources of “Izvestiya” in the government and security agencies. According to the publication, the relevant draft law is currently at the stage of preparation. The bill assumes that the new document resembling a passport that will include basic information about the owner, the address of actual residence and a photo. The Chairman of the Committee on migration Council on human rights at the President (SPCH) Evgeny Bobrov has informed “news” that the development of the document deals with the interior Ministry. He noted that he would raise the issue of necessity of adoption of the document at the end of June at a meeting of refugees from the Donbass, in which will participate representatives of different

The white house reported violations in the U.S. Senate’s approval of decisions on anti-Russian sanctions

The white house reported violations in the U.S. Senate’s approval of decisions on anti-Russian sanctions The US Senate bill to impose new sanctions against Russia was adopted with procedural violations. This was stated press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer on the briefing for journalists. According to him, the decision of the senators have not followed the established procedure, and “in fact, bill is not.” Answering the question whether Donald trump’s new restrictive measures against Russia, the representative of the White house administration said that the head of state has repeatedly said it has no plans “to announce their intentions.” “Our President does not Telegraph in advance that will do many of these issues. Largely conducted quiet diplomacy. We are not yet ready for something to announce, we’re not talking” — quoted by TASS press Secretary of the President of the United States. Last week the