The Federation Council has extended the spring session for the consideration of important bills

The Federation Council extended the work of the spring session until the end of July to have time to consider the government submitted the bills. This was announced by the speaker of the upper chamber of Parliament Valentina Matvienko at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin. A transcript of the conversation published on the Kremlin website Monday, June 26.

The Federation Council, she said, will take “a lot of the important laws.” “We will work as long as necessary,” said the Senator, commenting on the question of the head of state is an extension of the session with a large volume of regulations.

Matvienko noted that this session was quite tense. “The senators are working with the zero reading with the relevant committees of the state Duma, we make their corrections, constructive, good job. In addition, we initiative introduced a number of bills, responding to offers of subjects of Federation”, — she added.

In particular, we are talking about the law on the organization of summer holidays for children, to ban the sale of anonymous SIM cards without the passport data, and on the draft law on amendments to the electoral system.

On June 21 the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the Federation Council can go on summer vacation before the state Duma, from-for what a number of bills may come to the head of state without the approval of the upper house of Parliament. The discrepancy deadlines spring session of the lower and upper houses was raised at the Council of the Duma the previous day. According to the newspaper, parliamentarians in development of schedules are not coordinated with each other. The Federation Council did not plan to change it.

The head of the Duma Committee on legislation and state building Pavel Krasheninnikov explained that it is not contrary to the law.

In December 2016, the deputies of the state Duma have changed the schedule of their vacation. The MPs went on paid leave from may 1 to 15, due to which compensated for the extension of the spring session before it ended in early July, now at the end of the month.