The wife of the new Prime Minister of Lesotho, was killed a few hours after the inauguration

Tom Thabane

In the South African state enclave of Lesotho was shot wife new Prime Minister Thomas Thabane. It happened shortly after the inauguration of the policy, it said on Thursday, June 15 TPI News.

Thabane officially took the post of Prime Minister on the evening of 14 June. After a few hours, unknown persons opened fire on 58-year-old wife Dipolelo Tabane and her friend near the country’s capital Maseru. The politician’s wife died on the spot.

It is noted that the pair three years living separately.

The publication writes that the murder probably was intended to start in the next period of instability since the June 3 election. They party Tabane “Abbassa Convention” (All Basotho Convention) won, gained 48 seats in Parliament and established a coalition government, reports TASS.

Thabane has headed the Cabinet of Ministers of Lesotho in 2012, but two years later escaped to South Africa after a coup attempt. After the failure of the election in 2015, his party went into opposition, the Agency said.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is completely surrounded by the territory of the Republic of South Africa.