French wife strapped with tape to the rails before the approaching train

In France, the man taped his wife with duct tape to the rails before the approaching train. After the woman died, he killed himself, according to Le Parisien.

The murder was committed in the Department of Eure and Loir, in the night of Monday, June 12, however it became known of it just now.

Police found fragments of a woman’s body. On the hands and feet traces of masking tape. Nearby were found dead. Next to the track and the car was parked spouses.

Law enforcement officers established the identity of the victims. They were 34-year-old Emily and 37-year-old Guillaume. They were married about two years. The couple had one child and three children from other marriages.

It is noted that shortly before the incident, Emily and Guillaume began to live separately. As reports the edition, the last three years the man anywhere did not work and suffered from depression.

In three hours the morning of the 12th June, he called relatives and asked to watch the kids. Then he took a wife out of her house. The investigators find out the motives of the perpetrator.