The enemy trump opened fire on the congressmen-Republicans on the baseball field

The enemy trump opened fire on the congressmen-Republicans on the baseball field

What we know about him?

The shooting occurred on a baseball field not far from Washington, in Virginia, where members of the U.S. Congress belonging to the Republican party, conducted a morning training session before the traditional annual baseball match between members-Democrats and Republicans. As told the TV channel Fox Business member of the house of representatives Ron DeSantis, he and a colleague left with a workout when they were approached by a man (later it turned out that his name is James Hodgkinson) and asked who plays on the field — Republicans and Democrats. Policy said that the Republicans, after which the man went to the place of exercise and opened fire on the players.

James Hodgkinson has produced more than 50 shots from a semiautomatic rifle. Steve Scales, one of the leaders of the Republican majority in the House of representatives, was on second base; the bullet entered his hip. Injured several people: aide to Congressman Roger Williams, a lobbyist for the food Corporation Tyson Foods and two officers of the Capitol police. Hodgkinson himself during a shootout with police also was wounded and later died in hospital.

66-year-old Hodgkinson was a liberal. He lived in the small town of Belleville, Illinois and worked as an inspector of houses. Neighbors describe him as very friendly and generous person, which they have never seen any tendency to violence. But the man was actively interested in politics: in 2012, performed a single picket near the building of the local post office, protesting against inequality, wrote letters to the local newspaper, demanding to tax the rich higher taxes, and helped local election headquarters Bernie Sanders, and after the election, Donald trump President of the United States have argued that his and the Republican party in his Facebook, calling trump a “dirtbag” and a “traitor”.

For Hodgkinson appear several offensesin 2006, he was arrested for having punched his girlfriend and threatened a weapon to a man who attempted to intervene; however, the police eventually decided not to prosecute. In the early 1990s, he was also accused of resisting a police officer who tried to arrest Hodgkinson for driving under the influence, but the court acquitted the man. Also in 2003, the County government decided not to contract with the inspection company of Hodgkinson after he entered the office of one of employees, began to rummage in his papers, and then fought with security.

In March 2017 the neighbors complained of Hodgkinson the police for something he did more than 50 shots from a hunting rifle in the trees in your area. According to The Washington Post, the FBI believes that the man began to prepare for the attack back in March and lived in a van near a football field.

Steve Scales is in the hospital; and doctors assess his condition as serious. Donald trump and his wife Melania called for Congressman on Wednesday evening, June 15; in his Twitter the President of the USA wrote that Scales “in bad shape — but he’s a real fighter”. All American politicians have condemned the actions of Hodgkinson; Bernie Sanders issued a separate statement about the inadmissibility of violence in American society.

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