Putin has urged to refuse the demolition of the already constructed pipelines near homes

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the direct line on Thursday, June 15, stated that the requirement to demolish the houses built in the 150-meter zone from the gas, is unfair.

“Those who are already lined up in the 100-meter zone, you need to leave alone, and to prohibit only new construction”, — he said in response to a question from the resident of Chelyabinsk region Svetlana Romanova.

The woman said that her family for over thirty years owns the land on which it is built garden house. After the decision to increase the buffer zone adjacent pipeline (from 100 to 150 meters) in 2014, the family was ordered to demolish the building at their own expense without compensation.

Putin stressed the need to develop appropriate amendments to the legislation and promised to do everything that they were adopted.

In administration of Chelyabinsk region after the conversation of the President with Romanova said that “this issue is governed by Federal law,” reports Nornews.com.

“Certainly, from a moral point of view, such decisions cannot be called fair, — noted in a press-service of the regional government. — This question is much broader and goes beyond the problems of an individual garden community, it has faced several municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region”.

The administration stressed their support for the President’s position in April of this year, has sent an appeal on this matter to the relevant Committee of the state Duma.