Putin suspected someone in the weighting of its 20-pound pike

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a straight line with the weight of the largest fish he caught was 20 pounds.

“To be honest, when I measured, it was 20 pounds, although many believe that it was too small,” — said the head of state.

Putin admitted that when weighing the catch is specially weighted. “Maybe there’s someone nearby stood a little the sinker is hung, but I didn’t notice,” he added.

It comes to fishing on the lake Tokpak-Khol in Tuva, where Putin went in July 2013. Then he is spinning the caught a pike weighing more than 20 kilograms that has bewitched the Internet users. One, reinforcing his point of view photos with its catch suggested that the fish weight was clearly too high. Others decided that a pike planted on the hook by divers. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov assured that even the huntsman, who was with Putin, said that never seen this before.