Moscow region Governor after Putin left Kuchinsky polygon

Andrei Vorobyov

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, left Kuchinsky landfill, which is located in the district Balashikha. On Thursday, June 15, TASS reported the press service of the head of the government of the Moscow region.

“Closing this landfill was in the plan to 2021. Now our task is to find a way to move that period. And given the fact that the city is already coming to the dump, to try to shut it down early,” — said Vorobyov.

Earlier, during the direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the residents of Balashikha complained to the head of state that the landfill is almost very close to high-rise residential buildings.

The head of state, discussing the question on its liquidation, said that the Governor should visit this place. “Yes, he should come”, — said Putin. He also promised that the problem of the landfill, which has existed there for about 50 years, will be solved.

Earlier Thursday, the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) also reported that the issuance of permits for construction of apartment buildings near the landfill does not meet legal standards. On the Agency’s website notes that officials of the administration of the city district Balashikha did this in violation of the rights and interests of citizens.

Polygon “Kuchino” in the village Fenino of the city district Balashikha was established in 1964 in place of the spent clay pit. The landfill total area of over 50 hectares can be seen from space, it annually receives up to 600 thousand tonnes of waste from the Moscow region and Moscow. Residential houses are a kilometre away from the landfill and the village Fenino is 200 metres away.