In the air of Federal channels brought tough questions to Putin

In the air of Federal channels brought tough questions to Putin

On the screen of the Federal channel questions to the President if he believed in “circus with bogus issues”, does that Navalny allegedly withdrew about this new film and whether he plans to resign.

Organizers held in the air “the First channel” and TV channel “Russia 1” “the Direct line with Vladimir Putin” for the first time used an unusual technique — the screen pop-up message display issues that continue to act the President is in a straight line.

Among these questions was not too pleasant for the head of state. The author of one of them, for example, asked Putin whether he believes that “people believe in this circus with bogus questions”.

The author of the other question I wanted to know is it true that the oppositionist Alexei Navalny, recently released a film about the yachts and villas of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, “you do not Dimon” is now making a film about the Putin.

Also appeared on the screen and questions about the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

While none of these issues leading to the President not asked.

RBC sent a request to the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

Before direct line, the organizers urged people to send questions in the form of SMS and MMS and also through a special mobile application “Moscow, Putin”. During the program it was stated that every minute a call center 106 receives SMS and MMS messages and more than 120 phone calls.

“Another novelty of this “Straight line”. This year with the help of a communication platform SN Wall we real-time can track how viewers discuss our program in social networks”, explained the leading a straight line Smooth Maria.

According to the representative of “Rostelecom”, the company responsible for the contact center through which calls are taken from people. “Further questions are recorded and sent to the organizers, he said.

For the selection and output the questions on the screen is the joint responsibility of the team’s three TV channels — “First channel” “Russia 1” and NTV, said RBC representative of VGTRK Victoria Arutyunov. The representative of the “First channel” have refused comments. Source RBC in one of the Federal TV channels said that the technical part of TV shows, including the choice of questions for output to the broadcast, responds to RTR.

Last straight line with Putin negativity was less told RBC analyst Nikolai Mironov. “Now, the rise of negativity across the country. Social depression, depression in men, increase aggression in everyday life, — said the analyst. — The questions specific, and Putin they have no answers”. According to the analyst, the President does not have time to answer calls, resulting in “the emergence of sharp, angry SMS messages”.

The analyst Abbas Gallyamov not notice anything special of negative growth compared to the previous straight lines. “But the protests in the country gradually grow, so the appearance of negative messages is logical”, — he said RBC.