Putin told to discuss Ukraine with Obama

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has maintained regular contacts with Barack Obama on the situation around Ukraine since the crisis began in 2014. The President told in the film by American Director Oliver stone, the third of which came out on Showtime.

Putin noted that his dialogue with the ex-President on events in Ukraine “was not a heart, but not confrontational, business — like, concerned. Consent was not. We have different estimates were, and now they are different,” he said, adding that “this is a useful dialogue.”

Putin also confirmed that he and Obama were on the same level, “you”, called one another “Barack and Vladimir.”

Earlier, Putin said that the EU and the US supported the military seizure of power in Ukraine. Answering the question about the events in Ukraine, which began after the decision of Viktor Yanukovych to further examine the Association agreement with the EU, Putin said that “since this all started. Our partners in Europe and the United States saddled this horse for the discontent of the people and instead find out what is really going on, they supported the coup”.

The premiere of the film “Interview with Putin” (The Moscow Interviews), dedicated to the President of Russia, took place on June 12 on Showtime. In Russia, the picture will show the First channel. The film, in which four of the series, will be broadcast from 19 to 22 June.