Escaped from owners reticulated Python snuck into the toilet of the Kaliningrad office

Archive photo

The workers of one of the Kaliningrad offices found in the closet reticulated Python, escaped from the home, according to the website of the Kaliningrad zoo.

Arrived at the scene herpetologists managed to catch the snake and send it to the zoo. “Judging by the length of the Python for about two years. Apparently, he ran away, someone from the home cage and on the ventilation duct snuck to the first floor,” — said the press service of the zoo.

It is noted that the snake was cold after a long stay in a cool room. Now Python is kept in quarantine, for it created the necessary conditions, including a constant temperature of about 25 degrees. The animal is fed and behaves calmly, said the zoo and called on the owners to take him home.

2 June in Ufa near one of the houses of the citizens found a giant Python and called rescuers. While they were trying to catch the snake, I ran to her drunk man wrapped her in his jacket and ran away.