USA concerned about the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey

USA is concerned about the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey. This was at a hearing of the Committee on foreign Affairs of the house of representatives said the state Secretary Rex Tillerson, reports TASS.

Commenting on the cooperation between Moscow and Ankara, the head of American diplomacy said about the concerns at the White house this dialogue. He also declared “of extraordinary importance” of relations with Turkey for the US and for Europe and NATO.

While Tillerson acknowledged the claims of Turkey to the United States. “It is clear that they have real questions about how we implement their military plans in Syria to defeat the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization),” commented a diplomat of the supply of arms to Kurdish groups, which Ankara considers a terrorist separatiskie movements.

Also the head of the state Department said that the U.S. is “concerned about the developments in Turkey, especially after the attempted coup d’├ętat” in July last year, He assured that between Ankara and Washington continues active dialogue at a high level, which discusses problematic issues.

On may 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the period of restoration of relations of Russia and Turkey after the crisis is completed. Relations between Moscow and Ankara have deteriorated because of the Turkish air force shot down Russian bomber in November 2015. At the end of June 2016, the President of Turkey had sent the Russian President a letter of apology. After the Russian-Turkish dialogue started to improve.