Putin expressed the desire to make privatization more equitable

Putin expressed the desire to make privatization more equitable

Putin tried to do everything to the state “did not go for nothing.” In an interview with Oliver stone he stated that he explained to the oligarchs of the new rules and the majority agreed with them.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers that the privatization process in the country did not stop, but he wanted to give it more equitable. The head of state said in an interview with Oliver stone that was released on ShowTime.

According to Putin, he “made all that public property was sold for a pittance to stop the action schemes, which were created in the oligarchy and in which people suddenly become billionaires” (quoted by TASS who reviewed the first series of interviews).

To question stone about the attitude of the oligarchs, Putin replied: “still, the oligarchs are also different.” According to the President, he explained to representatives of big business that no one encroaches on their property, but “the law is the law.”

“It was a Frank, honest conversation. The old scheme shall cease to exist. The laws should be much more fair, and the business needs to assume greater social responsibility,” continued the head of state.

Putin believes that the vast majority of businesses agreed with these rules but they are not like those who are “making millions and billions is not because of his talents the businessman, due to the ability to establish relations with the authorities”. However, he said that such business — units.

In February 2003, Putin met with representatives of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs. It was attended by Russian businessmen, including Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who at the time was head of Yukos. Then we discussed the issue of corruption. Forbes wrote that Khodorkovsky gave the example of purchase of “Rosneft” oil company Severnaya Neft for $600 million, confirming, in his opinion, the facts of corruption in Russia. In October 2003, the businessman was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and tax evasion.