The President of Russia spoke about privatization and the attitude of the oligarchs

Vladimir Putin

The privatization process in Russia has not been stopped, but it was made more equitable. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Director Oliver stone, the first of which was released on Showtime on Monday, June 12.

“I’ve done all that public property was sold for a pittance to stop the action schemes, which were created in the oligarchy and in which people suddenly become billionaires,” — said Putin.

To question stone about the attitude of the oligarchs, the Russian President said that “after all the oligarchs are too different.”

“They were told that nobody encroaches on the property. The law is the law,” — said Putin. According to him, he held with representatives of big business “is a Frank, honest conversation”. Many, the vast majority fit into these rules.

“You know who didn’t like it? It’s not like those who earn millions and billions is not because of his talents the businessman, due to the ability to establish relations with the authorities. That’s it — not much, but it’s a unit,” he said.

Privatization of enterprises in Russia — the transfer of enterprises from state to private ownership, which is carried out since the early 1990s (after the collapse of the USSR). This process is often subjected to sharp criticism. With the privatization associated with the appearance in Russia of the oligarchs, too much economic stratification of the population.