The second suicide note and an Arsenal of weapons found in Kratovo arrow

In Kratovo not far from Moscow in a burned-out shed Igor Zenkov, shot dead four people, investigators found two suicide notes, as well as an Arsenal of weapons. About it told the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Svetlana Petrenko, reports “Interfax”.

The contents of the found notes is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation.

“Discovered an Arsenal of weapons and ammunition: Mosin rifle, rifle Peabody-Martini rifle “Arisaka”, submachine gun Shpagina PPSH, signal pistol Walther, sawed-off double barrel shotgun, a grenade RGD 33, M39 and M 24, two mortar mines in caliber of 50 mm, a smoke mine of caliber of 82 mm, two rifled barrels, fuses, shops, two 150 mm shells from artillery”, — stated on the website of the Investigative Committee.

Also as part of the investigation was questioned neighbors, who said that any conflicts they have with Zenkov arose.

On 11 June, the law enforcement source said that in personal belongings Zenkova investigators found a suicide note in which the man complained to his father in a difficult relationship with its neighbors. According to another source, Zenkova repeatedly had conflicts with the villagers on home soil. Previously it was stated that some of the weapons found in the Kratovo arrow, was brought them from Chechnya. In addition, Zenkov was fond of finding weapons of world war II. It was also alleged that he was at the psychiatrist and previously worked in the MOE.

10 Jun Zenkov opened fire on people from your household in the village of Kratovo, resulting in four people were killed. During the RAID he was eliminated. One employee Regardie got wounds of moderate severity, three more were wounded easily.