In Catalonia set a date for a referendum on independence

The referendum on the independence of Catalonia will take place on 1 October this year. This was stated by the head of the Autonomous region Carles Putteman (Carles Puigdemont), reports Reuters. According to him, the question put to a plebiscite, to read as follows: “do you Want to Catalonia became an independent state with a Republican form of government?” 25 may, El Pais, citing government sources in the Kingdom said that Madrid is ready to take all measures in order not to allow a referendum on the independence of Catalonia. February 14, Spain’s constitutional court called for two illegal resolutions adopted by the Catalan Parliament, which was supposed to hold a plebiscite. Catalonia — an Autonomous community in the North-East of Spain. Recently in the Kingdom has significantly increased separatist sentiment. At the end of September last year, the Parliament of Catalonia approved a resolution on holding a plebiscite on

The explosion in the Iraqi city of Karbala killed 30 people

Archive photo At least 30 people were killed and 35 were injured in a terrorist attack in the Iraqi city of Karbala, situated 100 kilometers South of Baghdad. About it reports The Independent. According to the edition, the explosive device detonated by a woman bomber. The bomb was hidden under her clothes. The Shiites believe Kerbela one of their Holy cities, along with after Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and al-Najaf, because here in the year 680 during the battle of Karbala by the soldiers of Yazid Ibn Muawiyah was beheaded Imam Hussein, son of Ali and grandson of prophet Muhammad. On may 30, about one of the shops in Baghdad detonated an explosive device. The attack killed 11 people. Earlier, on February 16, the victims of the explosion of a car bomb near the used machinery market in Baghdad was 48 people.

Trump was surprised by the results of the British elections

Donald Trump The US President Donald trump said that the results of the parliamentary elections in the UK has become as a surprise to him. On Friday, June 9, according to Reuters. Answering a journalist’s question, who asked him to assess the results of the election, trump was limited to the word “amazing”. Early parliamentary elections in the UK took place on 8 June. After the counting of votes in all electoral districts of the country the Conservative party gets 318 mandates, labour 262. In addition, in the Parliament are the Scottish national party (35 seats), the Liberal democratic party (12), the Democratic unionist party (10), “Sinn FEIN” (7), the Party of Wales (4) and the green Party (1). Another mandate will go to independent candidate Sylvia Hermon (Sylvia Hermon). None of the party received a simple majority of seats, which is why there is the need to create coalitions.

Matsuev and Bashmet will perform at the festival named after Tchaikovsky

Yuri Bashmet and Denis Matsuev Denis Matsuev, Yuri Bashmet, Maxim Dunaevsky and other well-known musicians will perform at the third international musical festival of a name of Tchaikovsky, which will be held from 13 to 17 June in Klin. On Friday, June 9, reports TV channel “360”. As specifies the edition, now in the area of the festival is setting the stage and installation of scenery near the house-Museum of the composer. The outdoor area has a capacity of 1200 people. “In addition, the concerts will take place in the concert hall”, — said the Director of the Museum-reserve Galina Belonovich. Guests can not only enjoy music, but also to visit the exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Tchaikovsky. Festival of a name of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky will be held simultaneously with the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Wedge — the city where the Maestro lived

The state Duma will check the performance of the instructions on the budget

Andrey Makarov The state Duma together with the accounts chamber intends in the beginning of each year to analyse how it made its assignment for the execution of the Federal budget. On Friday, June 9, reports TASS. A proposal at the session of the lower house of Parliament was voiced by the head of the Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov. The MP also proposed to conduct the verification of compliance with regulations, data departments will be held on Okhotny Ryad “government hours.” “Then we do get feedback,” agreed with this idea, the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin. He also noted that an audit should be conducted jointly with the accounts chamber. The head of the control Department Tatyana Golikova, in turn, recognized these actions is possible, however, called for the establishment of a clear work plan, “it made sense”. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, who

Sobyanin proposed to limit the inclusion of houses in a program of renovation

Sergei Sobyanin Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has proposed to limit the introduction of houses in the list for renovation. This was reported on the website of the mayor in “Vkontakte”. “Many Muscovites have expressed concern that their homes, which are not included today in the list, get in there against their will. To remove these fears, it is possible to include in the draft Federal law an amendment restricting the entry of houses in a program of renovation since the law came into force,” the report says Sobyanin. The mayor stressed that we have identified houses which can be included in a program of renovation, including and in addition where the initiative came from the residents. Earlier on Friday, 9 June, it was reported about detention of the head of the Moscow branch of the Yabloko party Sergei Mitrokhin during nesakntsionirovannogo protest against the law on the renovation of the

The protection of the EU can no longer be carried out from the outside, said Juncker

The protection of the EU can no longer be carried out from the outside, said Juncker BRUSSELS, June 9 — RIA Novosti, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. EU relationship with NATO is more important than ever, but the EU can no longer rely on the protection of his interests from the outside, said EC President Jean-Claude Juncker. “In today’s world, a strong NATO, a strong EU and strong relations between both of them is more important than ever. But our differences with NATO can no longer serve as an argument against enhancing the European efforts. The world around us is changing, and the USA the key changed its foreign policy long before the arrival of the President (of the USA Donald) trump,” said Juncker, speaking at a conference on defense and security in Prague. His speech was broadcast by European Commission authorities. According to him, “in recent decades, the American partners made it

The referendum on the independence of Catalonia will be held on 1 October 2017

The referendum on the independence of Catalonia will be held on 1 October 2017 MADRID, June 9 /Corr. TASS Ekaterina Vorobyeva/. The referendum on the independence of the Spanish of Catalonia will be held on 1 October 2017. This was announced by the head of the Autonomous region Carles Pujdeme. According to him, the question put to a plebiscite, to read as follows: “do you Want to Catalonia became an independent state with a Republican form of government?”. “The referendum will be held on Sunday, October 1 this year,” claimed Pujdeme.

The popularity of Merkel reached a level 2015

The popularity of Merkel reached a level 2015 German Chancellor Angela Merkel support the same number of voters, how long before the start of the migration crisis in 2015. This is according to the poll ARD-Deutschlandtrend, who on Friday, June 9, leads the Deutsche Welle. It is reported that the head of the German government are satisfied that 64 percent of Germans. Meanwhile, the main rival of Merkel in the elections to the Bundestag, the leader of the Social democratic party of Germany Martin Schulz is supported by only 36 percent of respondents. This was the lowest indicators in the entire history of the poll ARD-Deutschlandtrend. It is noted that for a month the popularity of the Schultz fell by six points. The poll shows that if elections were held this week, then Merkel would have voted 53 per cent of German citizens (which is four percent more than last

Adviser to the President on the Internet explained the law to ban VPNs and Tor

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant Advisor to the President of Russia on development of the Internet Herman Klimenko in conversation with “” said that introduced in the state Duma the draft law does not imply a complete ban VPN services and anonymizers such as Tor. Klimenko explained that the authors intend to oblige the services to block access to banned in Russia sites. “A good question is whether this law is effective since most of the services, providing such services are outside of Russia”, — said the adviser. Earlier it became known that the deputies of the state Duma introduced a bill banning the use of VPN services and anonymizers to view blocked sites. The document implies that the anonymizer and other similar instruments should be required to cooperate with Roskomnadzor, and search engines to remove from results links to blocked resources.