The protection of the EU can no longer be carried out from the outside, said Juncker

The protection of the EU can no longer be carried out from the outside, said Juncker

BRUSSELS, June 9 — RIA Novosti, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. EU relationship with NATO is more important than ever, but the EU can no longer rely on the protection of his interests from the outside, said EC President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“In today’s world, a strong NATO, a strong EU and strong relations between both of them is more important than ever. But our differences with NATO can no longer serve as an argument against enhancing the European efforts. The world around us is changing, and the USA the key changed its foreign policy long before the arrival of the President (of the USA Donald) trump,” said Juncker, speaking at a conference on defense and security in Prague. His speech was broadcast by European Commission authorities.

According to him, “in recent decades, the American partners made it clear that they are carrying too heavy a burden for their rich European allies.” “Intensifying the efforts on defense and by doing this together, member countries of the Union will strengthen the ties between allies within NATO. The defense of Europe can no longer be carried out from outside”, — said Juncker.

According to head EK, “the current threats and challenges indicate that one of “soft power” is not enough in an increasingly militarized world.” “Real security begins at home. To move forward, you need to spend to ensure our defense as much as needed,” said Juncker.

The US has repeatedly stated that the European NATO partners must increase their investments in defense.

With the accession to the presidency of Donald trump Washington’s position became even more rigid. At its first Ministerial meeting in February, the U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis called on partners to increase funding for defense purposes, if they don’t want the obligations of the United States before the Alliance became more modest.

These requirements have become one of the main themes of the first summit of the Alliance with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump. At the meeting, the leaders of the countries-members of NATO have responded to the demands of leading NATO countries, military expenditures which account for three-quarters of the defence budget of NATO. It was decided to establish an annual national plans to increase the contribution to the defense.

In them, member countries will indicate how we intend to raise defence spending to 2% of GDP, to invest in essential facilities and to participate in NATO operations. The first series of reports on the implementation of these plans will be ready by December, and in February 2018 examined by the defence Ministers of member countries of the Alliance.