Adviser to the President on the Internet explained the law to ban VPNs and Tor


Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

Advisor to the President of Russia on development of the Internet Herman Klimenko in conversation with “” said that introduced in the state Duma the draft law does not imply a complete ban VPN services and anonymizers such as Tor.

Klimenko explained that the authors intend to oblige the services to block access to banned in Russia sites.

“A good question is whether this law is effective since most of the services, providing such services are outside of Russia”, — said the adviser.

Earlier it became known that the deputies of the state Duma introduced a bill banning the use of VPN services and anonymizers to view blocked sites. The document implies that the anonymizer and other similar instruments should be required to cooperate with Roskomnadzor, and search engines to remove from results links to blocked resources.