The UN has estimated the approximate number of is militants

The UN security Council published a report of the Secretary-General about the threat to peace and security by “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). Among other things was marked the number of its fighters in Iraq and Syria.

According to the world organization, in the ranks of terrorists fighting from 12 to 20 thousand militants, their number has significantly decreased over the last 16 months. Also slowed the flow of foreign fighters. In the security Council suggest that now the main threat to international security is returning fighters to their countries and their move from the zone of conflict to other regions.

The UN noted that funding for ISIS is at a critical level. The terrorists still profiting from illicit oil sales and extortion. Experts believe that the self-proclaimed Caliphate operates with amounts in the tens of millions of dollars monthly. Thus in 2015, the income of the IG of up to $ 500 million per month.

June 8, the IG issued a statement, which contained threats against a number of countries. The message, written in broken English, encourages the Muslim to keep away from places of a mass congestion of people: markets, lively streets and squares, because “soldiers of the Caliphate will blow up, crush and cut the throat of enemies.” The threatening letter addressed to the Muslims in eight countries: Belgium, USA, Russia, France, UK, Canada, Australia and Italy.