The conservatives lost their absolute majority in the British Parliament

Theresa May

The conservative party of great Britain has lost an absolute parliamentary majority necessary to form government. These are the preliminary results of the early elections, reports BBC News.

While the opposition labour party has increased the number of its representatives in Parliament. BBC News reports that this result can be regarded as a humiliation of the Prime Minister Theresa may, who announced the holding of early elections for the sake of strengthening of positions of the conservatives in the period of Brexit (British exit from the European Union).

The leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn has already called upon may to resign. However, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers in a statement said he would remain at his post for the sake of stability in the country.

Mae, who was the initiator of early elections, explained the idea of a desire to stop the opposition of the opposition parties procedure Brexit.

March 28 Mei signed a letter with the notice of the authorities of the European Union about the formal start of procedure Brexit — the exit from the EU. Negotiations on the terms Brexit will take two years.

The decision to withdraw Britain from the European Union was adopted by referendum on 23 June 2016. The rejection of EU membership was supported by more than half of voters.