Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may pereyzbyralas in Parliament

Teresa May

The Prime Minister, the leader of the Conservative party Theresa may guaranteed a place in Parliament, with 37 thousand votes in his constituency Maidenhead. This was reported in the Twitter-broadcast of the elections on Sky News.

You will also retain the Finance Minister, Philip Hammond, the head of British diplomacy, Boris Johnson, defence Minister Michael Fallon and Minister of internal Affairs of the Kingdom of amber Rudd.

Traditional opponents of the Tory — labour — in Parliament successfully passed the leader of the party Jeremy Corbyn. He urged the Prime Minister to resign, as a result it initiated a parliamentary election is adverse to the party.

Sky News predicts that the country will face the so-called “hung” Parliament, according to exit polls, no party gaining an absolute majority. The conservatives are tipped from 315 to 321 seats out of 650, labour can count on the 249 seats.

At the moment, the Conservative party won 301 mandate, the labour party — 256, the Scottish national party is guaranteed to get 34 seats. The liberal Democrats won 12 seats, the independence Party in the Parliament does not pass.

The conservative and labour party of great Britain 4 June suspended the campaign in connection with the terrorist attacks in London. Then in the night from Saturday to Sunday on London bridge unknown minibus drove into a crowd of 20 people. Then jumped out of the car three people “South of the appearance” and began attacking passersby with knives.