In Afghan Herat near the mosque explosion

The JAMA Masjid mosque in Herat

In the Afghan city of Herat and exploded a bomb planted near the mosque. About it reports Reuters.

According to the latest data, the explosive device was hidden in a motorcycle parked near the mosque of the XII century JAMA Masjid. It worked, as the crowd of believers passed through the Park, heading to prayer. Killed seven people, injured 15. Responsibility for the attack itself until no one picked up.

In recent weeks the Islamists in Afghanistan have staged a series of attacks. So, in Kabul June 3, at the funeral of the son of a Senator of the upper house of the Afghan Parliament Salim Izadyar explosion killed 20 people and injured 35. At the funeral ceremony was attended by dignitaries, including the Minister of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Salahuddin Rabbani and Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah. They both suffered.

May 31, a powerful blast happened in Kabul near the presidential Palace and Embassy buildings. According to preliminary data, the bomb was planted in a tanker for transportation of water. Killing 90 people, and another 380 were injured.