The man attacked the police near the Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Employee of the Paris police opened fire on a man near the Notre Dame Cathedral in the centre of the French capital. It is reported BFMTV.

In the area of the accident blocked the movement of vehicles, the area is cordoned off by law enforcement. According to preliminary information, the attacker was armed with a hammer and tried to attack the officer. From impact tool, a police officer received minor damage.

The assailant was shot by other patrolmen.

According to witnesses, immediately after the incident, visitors to the Cathedral EN masse tried to leave him, resulting in a stampede and panic. No injuries were reported. In addition, some eyewitnesses say that they heard two loud bangs, like explosions.

According to others, in the premises of the Cathedral remain to 900 people, which is not allowed to go outside.

In fact the incident the Paris Prosecutor’s office opened a case on charges of terrorism, reports Reuters.

February 3, armed with machetes, attacked one of the soldiers of the army patrol guarding the building of the Louvre in Paris. Soldiers were damaged, his companions opened fire on the attacker, who was seriously wounded. The authorities viewed the attack as a terrorist attack.