The US promised to help Europe to get rid of dependence on Russian gas

The US promised to help Europe to get rid of dependence on Russian gas

USA will help Europe to overcome the dependence on Russian gas supplies. C this statement was made by the acting special envoy and coordinator at energy resources of U.S. Department of state Mary Warlick during a telephone press briefing.

According to her, the Russian project “Northern stream-2” and “Turkish stream” is the common concern of Washington and its European partners, will create a situation of dominance of Russia in the European energy market and create risks for Russian gas supplies to Ukraine.

Energy security, affordable and reliable supplies of energy play an important role in national security and economic prosperity of Europe, said Warlick. “The lack of energy resources, the sharp price fluctuations and supply disruptions threaten economic growth in all countries, including the United States,” she said, stressing that Washington is committed to ensure energy security throughout the world.

In Europe, energy security is a major priority, as many EU countries are heavily dependent on one supplier — Russia, explained Warlick. 45% of gas in 2015, Europe is imported from Russia and 13 European countries in the same year deliveries of Russian gas amounted to 75% of the total, she said.

As a countermeasure, the U.S. plan to develop closer cooperation with European partners in the fields of electric power, gas infrastructure and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The project Baltic gas pipeline (Baltic Pipe) connecting Denmark and Poland, will reduce the risks arising from the alternative to the Russian gas pipeline “Northern stream-2” which is to bypass Ukraine will be held in Germany on the Baltic sea, and “Turkish stream”, which will connect the southern part of Russia with the West Turkey via the Black sea. These projects can “undermine the efforts of Europe to” diversify energy supplies, as they increase “the Russian dominance on the gas market,” said Warlick. They pose a risk for Ukraine, reducing its role as a transit state for Russian gas supplies.

Russia should remain one of the suppliers of energy for Europe, but “our main priority is to help Europe to reduce dependence on any single supplier,” added Warlick. United States, according to her, do not see themselves as competitors of Russia, but deliveries of us LNG can contribute to stability in global energy markets.

The US already supply LNG in certain European countries, including Spain, Portugal and Italy. Washington also plans to supply LNG to Poland. The first tanker arrived in Portugal in late April, reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, the United States was planning to become a full-fledged exporter of gas to Europe in 2017. “This is part of a broader effort aimed to challenge the dominant position of Russia”, — said the newspaper.

The export of LNG to Europe — a politically motivated decision, sought by Washington for a very long time, RBC said Konstantin Simonov, General Director of the national energy security Fund. He doubts that the U.S. can free Europe from energy dependence on Russia due to its supply of liquefied natural gas. While America exports LNG mainly to Portugal, Spain, i.e. the countries where Russia does not supply gas, he said. In addition, American LNG is more expensive Russian gas by 70-80%, estimates Simonov. “Cheap Russian gas is a strong argument in our favor. The trump factor also plays a strong role,” concluded Simon, Recalling that Chancellor Angela Merkel could not find a common language with the American President and encourages Europe to build on its strengths.