Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement

Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement

US out of the Paris climate agreement, to which America has become under Barack Obama. The intention to leave the agreement, Donald trump said during his election campaign.

American President Donald trump announced the release of the Paris climate agreement, reports Reuters.

Trump said that under present conditions the agreement is not beneficial for the United States. He explained that by 2025 the US could lose 2.7 million jobs in the execution of all provisions of the agreements. Trump has promised to hold new negotiations to make it fair for Americans.

Trump said that the United States will cease to do all “optional” items of the agreement today, June 1.

His regret about such a decision Washington had already expressed former U.S. President, Barack Obama, and in which the agreement was signed. In his statement, he criticized such a move is trump, but expressed confidence that the USA will pay attention to the fight against climate change.

“I am sure that our States, cities and businesses aktiviziruyutsya and will do even more to continue the work and help to protect our planet for future generations,” reads the statement, which leads Reuters.

Criticized trump and the canadian Minister of the environment and climate change Catherine McKenna and the European Union. The Ministers of Germany considered that this step is trump going to hurt Americans, Europeans and all the inhabitants of the Earth.

The intention to withdraw from the agreement on climate trump said during his election campaign. He repeatedly denied that the theory of climate change, calling it a “Scam”. In his view, it was developed by China for the destruction of US industry.

In February, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing sources wrote that the eldest daughter of Donald trump, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who is an adviser to the American President, convinced trump to not sign this decree. According to interlocutors of the edition, Ivanka trump believes that combating climate change should be a priority for the United States.

However, the official American policy, this issue was not raised. However, it was discussed the end of may at the G7 summit in Italy. Germany, France, Canada, the UK, Japan and Italy failed to negotiate with the United States on issues of climate change.

“This whole discussion on climate have been difficult, if not to say disappointing. It is unclear whether Washington can stay in the Paris agreement or not,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The agreement was signed in 2015, 196 countries. It said that by 2020, developing countries will receive $100 billion a year for climate solutions. These funds they have to allocate other States that signed the Treaty.