The generals suggested to get rid of the residency requirement in the election to the Federation Council

Andrei Klishas

The members of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas Andrey Kutepov proposed to remove the requirement the residency requirement for candidates for senators, which was promoted to the rank of officer or of managing staff. The corresponding bill introduced to the state Duma on Thursday, June 1.

Legislators say that they are on duty outside of the region, from which are elected to the upper house of Parliament. “An exception to this requirement for specified categories of persons due to the order of execution of their duties”, — stated in the explanatory note to the document.

February 20, deputies from LDPR have submitted for consideration the state Duma the bill, allowing senators to deprive of mandates for truancy and the loss of contact with communities from which they are elected. In the Federation Council criticized the initiative, noting that senators are disciplined.

In the upper house of the Russian Parliament are elected by two representatives from each Russian region. The Senator from Executive power should be elected together with the head of the subject, and of the legislature may be nominated only by the Deputy of the legislative Assembly or municipality.

The requirement of permanent residence in the territory of the region for diplomats, employees of power structures, regional and municipal officials, deputies of the state Duma and senators, and members of the presidential quota. The head of state has the right to appoint the upper house of the Parliament of 17 members, none of these places are not occupied.