Russia was below North Korea in the ranking of peaceful Nations

Russia was below North Korea in the ranking of peaceful Nations

Russia ranked 151 in the “Global peace index” (Global Peace Index) for 2017, is located between North Korea and Pakistan. In comparison with last year Russia’s position has not changed and she is still lower in ranking than the DPRK.

The ranking is led by Iceland, New Zealand and Portugal, and on the last line is South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Syria closes the list, composed of 163 countries.

Russia, as a year ago, took the 151-th line at the end of the rating from “very low” level of peace.

Ukraine is on the 154th place. It has improved its score by two points.

North Korea, which sharply criticizes the international community for the rocket launches and nuclear program, was one place above Russia, finishing 150th, and Pakistan — 152-E.

As noted in the report, the reduction in the defense budget to improve the ratio of military expenditure as a percentage of the components of GDP, but the ongoing military operation in Syria led to the deterioration of the country’s participation in external conflicts.

In General, according to the report, last year global levels of peacefulness have increased by 0.28%.

Experts explain this by the fact that in a world of decreased state funding torture, murder and other violence, as well as declining mortality.

According to the study, in 93 countries, the situation has improved over the year, and in 68 States deteriorated.

United States for the year dropped by 11 points and took 114 place between Rwanda and El Salvador.

For the past several years Russia only lost positions in the ranking of Global Peace.

In 2008, she took the 131-th place in the list, but after a year, lost just seven points, and a year later dropped to 142nd place. In 2011, experts from Russia took 148 th place, and from 2012 to this year, it was consistently in the 152-th place.