Russia expelled five Moldovan diplomats

The building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Resiprocate: Dodon commented on the expulsion of Moldovan diplomats from Russia

Russia declared five employees of the Moldovan Embassy in Moscow persona non grata. They were ordered to leave the country within three days, said in a statement on the Russian MFA website.

Wednesday, may 31, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Moldova was invited to the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs, where he was handed an appropriate note. It says on the expulsion of diplomats as a retaliatory measure to similar actions of Chisinau in respect of five Russian diplomats.

Moscow expressed hope that Chisinau is aware of the counterproductive “their unfriendly actions” and “destructive nature undertaken by the Moldovan side step”, which is contrary to the principles of partnership and mutual trust.

Earlier this month, the Moldovan authorities announced the expulsion of employees of the Russian diplomatic mission. Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip later explained that this decision was made based on information received from intelligence agencies. However, he refused to detail said, because “the rules do not allow”.

The names of the diplomats were not called, however, as wrote “Kommersant”, among them the military attache Igor supervisor and his assistant Alexander Grudin, as well as the first Secretary of Embassy Rinat anderzhanov.

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon expressed outrage at the government’s decision, which was adopted, as suggested by the head of state, “by order of the West”, and urged Russia “not to succumb to provocations.”