Citizen of Kuzbass stole the train barriers for the construction of water supply

The inhabitant of the Kemerovo region for economic purposes, has stolen the railway gates and the sign of the envelope height. 18-year-old young man planned to make of devices to bar the way by water, and from the sign — the winter shovel. On Wednesday, may 31, RIA Novosti said the representative of the linear transport management of the Affairs of the region Elena Shcherbinina.

The incident occurred on the stretch between stations of the Furnace and Chisinau (topkinskiy district). According to scherbininoy, a statement about the theft to law enforcement authorities asked the master plot. Immediately install the thief failed because of the traces of the crime at the scene was not found.

In the result the police had to interrogate locals. In the course of investigations, the stolen items were found at 18-the summer young man. “[He] felt that the train equipment used on unguarded moving is extremely rare, so I decided to find it a more effective implementation at home” — said Shcherbinina.

Currently concerning young men criminal case under the article about the theft. Barriers and pointer removed. Whether the malefactor is detained, not specified.

In April last year in the city of Kiselevsk (Kemerovo oblast), the young man with the sledgehammer smashed the wall of the store to steal chocolate bars. At the first interrogation, the young man lied that his prey was beer and coffee, but later admitted that he took only the chocolate bars. His lie, he explained that he was ashamed.