The operators explained the lack of sms on the storm

The operators explained the lack of sms on the storm

MOE later asked them about the newsletter.


The operators were not able to warn all their capital subscribers of the destructive storm because of the sluggishness of the Ministry of emergency situations (MES). According to employees of two operators, a message from the Ministry of emergencies came in during the storm, closer to its end: at 16.30 Moscow time (at this time already appeared the first news about victims of the storm — approx. “Vedomosti”).

No operator has agreed to tell “Vedomosti”, as SMS informing about a coming storm, he sent and at what time.

One of the interlocutors “Vedomosti” says that the MOE sends the message to the Federal monitoring center operator directly. At the same time, pay attention to the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”, it is technically difficult to notify subscribers of all operators at the same time: the server can not withstand such loads.

The operator does not receive instructions from the Ministry of emergencies, says his representative. The service itself is sending messages on its basis — using their own content platform. The parameters of this distribution sets the Department. The first SMS about the strong wind, the operator’s subscribers began to receive at 11.30 am, then had an extra mailing. The staff of “Vedomosti” — MTS subscribers — such messages are not received.

About the lack of SMS-mailing about the sharp deterioration of the weather and the risks involved with reference to the social network earlier reported the press service of the air force. Not received a text message warning of a hurricane, the subscribers page of the Russian service Bi-bi-si in Facebook and social network users, answering a question of the correspondent “bi-Bi-si”. Did not come to the notice of MOE and the participants in the survey publication Meduza Twitter.

The representatives of “Vympelcom” and Tele2 declined to comment on the situation. Representatives of the MOE and “MegaFon” has not yet responded to the requests of “Vedomosti”. People close to the Agency said that investigations into how timely was the response of the Executive authorities on the incident. On Tuesday afternoon, Facebook turned on for Russian users a feature to alert friends that they are safe.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov believes that it is premature to assess the work of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia: “We don’t know how predictable disasters such as possible to predict them, and so on and so forth”. He stressed that he could not adequately answer this question.

Still need to those who are responsible and weather observations, and climate, Hydrometeorology, they get expert information, and then, like questions to ask (about the actions of the MOE).Dmitry Peckoltia by “Interfax”

According to a Tuesday morning, in the Moscow region of the storm 16 people were killed — 11 in Moscow and 5 in the suburbs. In Moscow as a result of the hurricane affected almost 170 people, 146 of them were hospitalized. Had fallen 27 000 trees, damaged cars 2000 and 243 of the roofs of buildings.

The Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova said that the people who did not receive sms alerts about coming to Moscow the hurricane, there is no reason to go to court: “This is a disaster. Legislation does not regulate and does not obligate the MOE. It is their initiative which is very effective.”

Hurricane in Moscow

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