The suburbs will be engaged in the disposal of waste from the capital renovation

Moscow region authorities plan to sign with the city administration the agreement on disposal of waste that will be accumulated during the implementation of programmes for the resettlement of five-story building. This was announced by the Minister of ecology and natural resources of the region Alexander Kogan, reports TASS on Tuesday, may 30.

“The plan this year, we have to build strong relations with Moscow, to identify the specific point where the whole thing will go, and to choose technology of processing all those construction waste that will be produced under the program of renovation”, — said the official, estimating the amount of 63 million tonnes.

According to Kogan, now in the suburbs of the capital annually dumped more than 13 million tons of construction waste and nearly eight million utility.

On may 4, the Governor of the Moscow region said that the regional authorities plan to begin the development of a program for the resettlement of Khrushchev after 2020.

Demolish everything in Moscow Khrushchev and build in their place new housing ordered in February the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In the list of houses which can be included in the program includes more than 4.5 thousand objects.