Photo: walking in St. Petersburg Keanu Reeves became a meme again

Photo: walking in St. Petersburg Keanu Reeves became a meme again

52-year-old canadian-American actor, the cult of which cannot be overestimated, among other things, is known as the protagonist of a number of successful network memes.

The most popular of which, sad Keanu, alone on a bench eating cake.

Keanu Reeves, sitting on a bench, eating sandwich, and a little bird is passing in front of him. 🙂

— Alex Mahmud (@alexonica) July 12, 2015

But today, this hit will have to make room. Since the visit of the actor to Russia gave a new reason. Recently Reeves has arrived in the Northern capital in the framework of the film “Siberia”, a little walk in the city, of course, got in the camera… and started!

Keanu Reeves was today in 50 meters away from me. And what did you achieve?

— Nur Amalia satre (@deva_v_sputnike) 26 may 2017

Moreover, the axial analogy is this: Reeves in the local scenery blended as a mother.

Your face when you came to Petersburg:

— FlashNord (@flashnord) may 28, 2017

#KeanuReeves #Keanu Reeves Siberia to St. Petersburg, 26 may 2017

— Keanu Russian Club (@Keanu_RusClub) 26 may 2017

Plus not the latest Hollywood star easily and then is photographed with fans, cast them in a hefty bouts of happiness.

Thanks! seiyaryudzaki:KEANU REEVES!!!! Real!!!!! MY CHILDHOOD HERO!!!! Unreal man! …#keanureeves

— Ayako Ueda (@okka_nyan) may 24, 2017

Keanu Reeves arrived in Saint Petersburg

— Keanu Russian Club (@Keanu_RusClub) 23 may 2017
Personation Reeves

“Siberia” — a romantic Thriller by Matthew M. Ross (“Frank and Lola” with Michael Shannon, TV series “Nashville”) for the scenario “Oscar” nominee Scott Smith (“a Simple plan”, a horror “the Ruins”). Producers Are Gabriela Bacher (“Krabat. The sorcerer’s apprentice”) and Stephen Hamel (“Passengers”).

Reeves plays in it an American dealer in precious stones Lucas, who went to Siberia to sell rare blue diamonds of dubious origin. Upon arriving, Lucas gets stuck in a small town, falls in love in a local cafe owner Kate (Ana and the snow cock, the Witch of the West from “oz”) and appears to be involved in shootouts. The rest of the film “desperately seeking the way to salvation in a world where there is no escape”.