Beginning in Moscow, the storm will subside by evening

Beginning in Moscow, the storm will subside by evening

MOSCOW, may 29 — RIA Novosti. Beginning in Moscow, the hurricane could last until the evening and bring up to a third of the monthly norm of precipitation, the wind gusts reach 16 meters per second, told RIA Novosti in the capital’s weather Bureau.

“In Moscow may fall to 15 mm of rainfall, a third of the standards… the principle of wind speed is significant. We expect that by 2100, this whole process should move outside the Moscow region, — said the Agency interlocutor.

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Now the wind gusts in the capital reach 16 meters per second, it may increase.

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The passage of a cold front accompanied by heavy rain, sometimes with the storm, it is possible that maybe somewhere to pass the grad.

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On Zubovsky Boulevard near the Museum of Moscow part of the fence fell on a parked car.

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Earlier MOE reported that heavy rain, thunderstorm, hail, and wind to 22 metres per second are expected in Moscow on Monday lunchtime to Tuesday morning.

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