The Pentagon refused to recognize the NATO threat to Russia

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said that NATO poses no threat to Russia. About it said on Sunday, may 28,in an interview to CBS News.

“Why they (the Russians — ed. “Of the”) see NATO as a threat, is beyond my comprehension. It is clear that NATO is not a threat,” said Mattis, noting that Russia’s future should be inextricably linked with Europe.

“Now Russia prefers to be a strategic adversary for a number of reasons. But the fact is that NATO is not a threat, and they know it. They don’t have the slightest doubt,” — said the head of the military Department.

Mattis added that Washington now seeks to apply diplomatic approach to relations with Moscow, but said that the United States will “confront Russia when it comes to those areas where they attack us, either in cyberspace, or if they try to change the border, using armed forces”.

Washington regularly accuses Russia of meddling in the course of American elections by hacker attacks. Appropriate statements contained in the published January 6, declassified part of the report prepared by the US intelligence. Moscow consistently denies all charges.